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XTender & XTender2
Sinclair ZX80 & ZX81 emulators

by Carlo Delhez

XTender and XTender2 are ZX81 emulators for MS/DOS (Windows compatible).

XTender is a classic "1st generation" emulator, existing since 1991 and running the vast majority of ZX81 programs at unsurpassed speed on XT/AT/386/486 systems. XTender is a shareware product and has many thousands of devoted users.

XTender2 is a "2nd generation" emulator, written by the same author. XTender2 is superior to XTender in all respects. It requires a 1GHz Pentium system (or better) to run smoothly. XTender2 is currently a freeware product at beta-testing stage. Download your evaluation copy below.

Features of XTender2 include:

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